Gi-B3 Гиротеодолит
Gi-B3 gyrotheodolite
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- Theodolite
- Level
- Railway survey equipment
- Laser distance meter
- Rotating laser
- Line laser
- Pipe laser
- Grade laser
- Universal laser
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- Receiver, remote control
- Laser plammet
- Distance thermometer
- Tripod
- Tripod accessory
- Levelling staff
- Prism pole, prism
- Bipod
- ;
- Measuring staff
- Range pole, spirit level
- Rotating prism holder
- Plummet
- Tribrach
- Adapter
- Marker, bolt
- Index
- Measuring wheel
- Spirit level
- Paint
- .
- ,
- Measuring tape (1 m - 10 m)
- Measuring tape (15 m -100 m)
- Others
Alidade spirit level
Spirit level for adjusting the vertical axis of the theodolite.
Axis of collimation
The line which interconnects the optical centre of the objective and the centre of the hair cross.
Collimation deviation
The perpendicularity deviation of the collimation line of the telescope from the horizontal axis.
Telescope adjusted horizontal to the infinity. The cross hair is enlighted from the ocular-side with diffused light.
Optical-mechanical part in the telescope, which makes the collimation line (optical axis) through the gravitation strength horizontal (in the compensation range). Breitling Replica
Crosswise standing
By instruments with bubbles the optical axis of the telescope and the longitudinal axis of the spirit level close horizontal an angle. By instruments with compensator the deviation of the optical axis of the telescope and the axis of the compensator from the square.
Horizontal axis
An axis at right angles to the vertical axis. The binocular of the theodolite turns around it.

Horizontal axis error
The horizontal axis is not at right angles to the vertical axis
Horizontal eccentricity
The eccentricity of the collimation line compared to the vertical axis.
Index compensator
Adjusting device for the reading index of the vertical circle, which compensates the error of the vertical angle measurement caused by the remaining slope of the vertical axis.
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